Honda CB350 K4 1972

£8,000.00 GBP


Engine Size: CC



This fantastic exhibition grade lightweight Honda from 1972 has been totally restored to a standard that speaks for itself.

Everything conceivable has been replaced with NOS parts or has been reconditioned to the very highest standard.

The petrol tank and side panels are from the earlier 1968/69 models and have been chosen as in the opinion of the restorer, they are of a much more pleasing design and just look right to the eye. Why Honda in their infinite wisdom ever changed them  for the more rounded style is a mystery. But then marketing demands change for the sake of it sadly and often the original beauty and look of a thing is lost forever. Much so in this case.

The Tank is in fact NOS as are the side panels which of course have been repainted to concourse standard in the original colours and style. New badges are also fitted to set off the wonderful paintwork. The frame is Powder coated.

Engine internals such as seals and bearings are all new and the entire clutch basket and operational parts are NOS. Still on original bores with brand new pistons and rings. All new valves and springs and guides.

Brand new forks, stainless rims, stainless spokes and wheel bearings are all new as are the Avon Mk 2 road rider tyres. The chrome work is triple chrome of the very best quality entirely. All engine casings highly polished without a single blemish.

Virtually all nuts and bolts where ever possible are “Pro-Bolt” stainless 316. The very best nuts and bolts in the world.

New spindles bushes and Bearings throughout the chassis. New wiring loom and rebuilt switchgear which has been highly polished to a standard way beyond any original new model would have been back in the day.

Even the exhaust system is Brand new. Obtained from the Japanese police force who had a batch of them in storage.

Motobat fitted for better starting and lighting etc. Electronic ignition also fitted.
Also brand new Hagon rear shocks specially made for this model.

The standard gearing has been raised by two teeth on the new rear sprocket to give lower revs at cruising speeds and an extra 10MPH top end. These models were always under geared and easily pull the extra speed. New gearbox sprocket also.

The brakes have been given special attention and no single Honda of the seventies was ever turned out new with these wonderful highly polished brake plates and chrome levers with stainless pivots. A work of art.

This bike is only for sale to help fund the purchase of one of the rarest bikes on the planet. Otherwise it would never be for sale.

Simply the best CB 350 you will ever set eyes on. It goes and handles round the Cotswold lanes where I live like the proverbial little rocket. The old fashioned twin leading front brake stops on a sixpence without any fade at all. Who needs disc brakes ? Better than any modern lightweight and a complete joy to own. I get mobbed by enthusiasts wherever I go.

What could be more fun?