BSA R.G.S Rep 1959

$0.00 USD

Year: 1959

Engine Size: 650CC

Registration: N/A

Mileage: N/A


BSA Rocket Gold Star RGS Replica 1959. This is an outstanding example which has been very well restored with SRM bottom end and rebuilt top end Newby belt drive and special self generating magneto twin chronometric rev counter and Speedo chrome Goldie tank and mudguards and exhaust system.

Starts first kick with a wonderfully mechanically quiet motor , gear change and clutch are lovely too . Sounds beautiful on tickover and Revs fast and clean too. Came from a very experienced BSA enthusiast. Must be the best or one of them on offer today. First to see and hear it will buy. A great machine and a good investment and less than half the price of a real one!