1955 FB-Mondial Moto

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Year: 1955

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This 1955 FB-Mondial Moto is a rare classic Italian motorcycle with all original parts, classic transfers, new light grey handles imported from Italy (Treviso). The restoration has been completed! Builder is doing a special gift for this new year 2022 in reducing the price of this rare Mondial 1955 in great shape  to 1$2000 US . Small mileage,  New dynamo, New front tire, Pirelli.

From Wiki when you search for FB Mondial FB  Moto:

“FB effectively relaunched in1948 as FB Mondial. Mondial found early racing success, winning their first of what would become five World Championships in only their second year of production. During a time when MV Agusta and Ducati produced economy lightweight two-stroke motorcycles, mopeds and scooters, Mondial was more of a “boutique” manufacturer, specializing in high-performance, small-displacement motorcycles. Much of the production of each motorcycle was done by hand, which kept output low, with production numbers typically ranging between 1,000 and 2,000 units per year. Mondial were able to continue this success for a number of years, sticking with this methodology. In 1957, Soichiro Honda approached Mondial owner Count Boselli for purchase of a Mondial race-bike, with which the firm had just won the 125 cc and 250 cc world titles. Count Boselli gave Mr. Honda a racing Mondial; Honda used this bike as a standard to which he aspired, in order to compete on a world-scale. An original Mondial 125 cc race-bike is, still now, the first bike on display when entering Honda‘s Motegi Collection Hall.”



37 km (23 miles on the restoration)


Very good condition.

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is in very good condition.


In good condition.


Completely restored. Petrol/gas tank has been entirely overhauled.
Mono cylinder: 4-stroke
65mm x 52.5mm
Super Square engine
Horsepower: circa 15 CV at 7200tr/mn
High Compression Piston

Wheels & Tires

Rims: Perfect condition
Front Tire: 2.50x19 Pirelli, small use
Rear Tire: 2.50x19 Pirelli, small use


Title: Carte Grise Collection delivered by Police Headquarters in Paris the 26th of July 2017
Engine 01096
Frame 01096

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Original speedometer, 1955 Mondial.