Honda CB 1300 RR 2009 “One-Off” Tribute Bike

£12,000.00 GBP


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Honda CB 1300 RR 2009. Registered in 2010.( A-9 )

This is a very special “one-off” tribute bike to the great TT rider “John Mc Guiness”. Finished in full Honda racing Corporation colours by a paint specialist who normally restores Bentley cars. A perfect finish has been obtained.

Full cosmetic restoration of this very low mileage Honda Flagship model which sadly is no longer imported into the UK since 2009.

The standard of finish is beyond “Museum Quality”. 8,000 miles only from new. Specially painted satin black engine casings with matching Gloss black wheels to achieve a very masculine look which sets off the wonderful paint scheme.

Full race Akrapovic exhaust system which gives over twenty BHP extra. Not that it needs more power. It will pull your arms out of their sockets as you desperately try to hang on under full acceleration. Mind blowing performance from this “One-Off” tweaked special “RR” version that was never made available.

Virtually all nuts and bolts replaced with “Pro-Bolt” 316 stainless and some Titanium where require. One off specially machined parts such as the Oil filler and Bar-Ends set off this beautiful two wheeled “Bentley”. It handles like a middleweight and is so fast that you never need to bother to change gear to overtake huge lines of annoying traffic. Just point and go and the rear mirrors are always empty.

New BO 23 Bridgestone Tyres and sprockets and a gold heavy duty chain. Special handlebars and risers to give a more comfortable riding position as well as custom twist grip and levers from Rizoma. All brake lines stainless braided by HEL with stainless banjos etc.

Very special Mods to the exhaust system oxygen sensors which gets rid of all snatch when opening the throttle, compliments of “Smart-Moto”. This represents a huge improvement over most modern super bikes which all suffer from the very annoying snatch problem which can only be partially cured by changing the software and is also hugely expensive.

Personally signed on the Petrol Tank by “John Mc Guiness” and then lacquered over properly.

This bike give an estimated 140 BHP. Much more than a standard CB 1300. Freeflow K&N oil filter and air filter and “Spitfire Broquets” in the Petrol tank to catalyse the fuel and ensure no corrosion in the Tank and keep the combustion chamber free of carbon build-up. Also a magnetised fuel line to aline the hydrocarbon molecules to improve combustion and give a 100% “clean-burn" and extra power. This causes the engine to run so clean that when a finger is put into the end can silencer exit pipe after a 100 mile run, no carbon at all is to be found on the finger. Quite an amazing result.

Only being offered for sale to help fund the purchase of one of the rarest bikes on the Planet.

A very rare opportunity to acquire a one - off motorcycle that is rare and very desirable and in Mint condition.