1961 Triumph Bobber


1961 Custom Triumph T110 Bobber by Angry Monkey Motorcycles

This Bike started its second life as a factory replacement Duplex frame and a 1961 engine. The frame is a factory replacement and, as was typical for the time, was not stamped with the VIN numbers of the original frame. The bike has a clean, clear title which is off the VIN number to the engine. The bike is titled as a 1962 Triumph T110, as it was originally. This build was completed and delivered August 2013.

The Engine
A later “unit” crankshaft utilized after the sludge tube and oil passages were thoroughly cleaned and the rod journals were mic’d for roundness and wear. They were found well within spec to deliver reliable performance. On either side of the crank, new British bearings were installed. Original connecting rods were used after being sent to Dan at Franz and Grubb Engine in North Hollywood to check, re-bush, weight-balance, and polish. Dan also bored and reamed the new British production cylinders and fitted the new JRC pistons and Hastings rings to the cylinders. New cam bushings were installed and reamed to size. The cams used were new Mega-Cycle 510-05’s. The cam followers were re-ground to “R” radius for better performance. The cams were meticulously timed within 1 degree with dial indicators. The oil pump was upgraded to a Morgo piston pump. A billet sump place replaced the twisted original stamped plate. New British-made chrome pushrod tubes replaced the tired original ones.
The cylinder head received new stainless steel valves, hand lapped in, and new brass valve guides reamed to size as well as mushroom tappet adjusters. All engine hardware was zinc-plated. A FLO reusable oil filter is on the oil return line to clean and cool the oil. Ignition is by a fully built, and re-magnetized Lucas K2FC magneto. Air and fuel are mixed by a new Amal Monoblock carb with a K&N air cleaner.

The Transmission
This transmission has a fully functional “Slick-Shift” mechanism. All new British bearings, bushings, and kick start racket gears, were installed along with all stainless socket head bolts for the covers. The sprocket is a new British-made 20 tooth. A Bob Newby Racing dry clutch was used to address several Triumph pre unit flaws: Too small primary chain, too small clutch basket bearing, and chronic primary case oil leaks. This clutch solves all those things and also never has sticking plates or heavy clutch lever effort. It also looks really nice with the optional “lightened” pressure plate.

The rims are 21” and 17” Sun Rims with polished stainless steel spokes and nipples. The hubs are powder coated gloss black. The tires are Metzeler Tourance

ALL wiring is soldered and terminated with heat-shrink. Where possible, the wiring is run through the frame tubes. For charging there is a new 200w stator and rotor with a Tympanium rectifier. The headlight is a modern production, alloy, art deco unit with a 35/35 bulb. High and low beam are controlled by a switch in front of the gas tank. Tail and brake light duties are handled by two brass After Hours Choppers “Tit-Mouse” lights mounted in an Angry Monkey Motorcycles Tail light/license plate bracket. This bracket is TIG welded 10 gauge steel and includes a signature bottle opener on the front. There are two system fuses tucked under the gas tank. There is NO battery, only a 1400mf capacitor.

Tanks for the memories
The gas tanks started life as a pair of 3.5 gallon HD Fat Bobs. They have been narrowed and flat-bottomed. The original filler caps have been changed to small brass ones. The oil tank is an Angry Monkey Motorcycles signature vertical tank with sight-tube and separate drain tap. Paint was done by Ryzart.

The rest:
The springer front end is a modern, top-shelf, European HD reproduction, and is powder coated black. The front brake is a highly modified Honda unit that will NOT stop like a disk brake, but DOES add indeed help scrubb off speed and hold hills if needed. The originally installed Angry Monkey Motorcycle handle bars are not on the bike at the moment, but are included in the sale.
The exhaust is a set of signature Angry Monkey Motorcycles “Window Blasters”. They are ceramic coated for good looks and durability.
The rear sprocket/drum is 43 tooth and is British-made. The final drive chain is kept in check with an Angry Monkey Motorcycles chain tensioner.
The rear brake adjuster is a, Angry Monkey Motorcycles brass, one-off, hand-made knob.
Foot rests are new, folding, Pro taper units mounted on custom made, gusseted brackets.
The hand-tooled leather saddle that was originally installed is not shown, but is included in the sale.
The rear fender is a hand-spun and made from 13 gauge steel and is supprted at the rear by a “push bar” type of fender strut.

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  • Engine Size:650cc



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