1965 Pannonia T5


T5 Pannonia made by Csepel Works in 1965 on the island of Csepel, below the capital city of Hungary, Budapest. This iconic Eastern European classic was most common in Russia, due to the bike's excellent cold-start properties. -20C, no problem for this machine. This is not a fresh restoration, since then the mileage piled up to 11500km. The bike just got a reconditioned speedometer and brand new wires. Matching numbers. All paperworks are present to fully register. Customs done.

T5 is equipped with a 247cc single cylinder two stroke four speed engine producing 15hp. Double craddle frame, dual ehaust system, 6 volt electrical system, magneto ignition, 19" wheels, 150mm drum brakes, four speed manual gearbox, leather seat. Fuel consumption is 3.6 liters at a speed of 60km/h. Fueltank holds 18 liters. Dry weight 143kg, lenght 210cm, seat height 92cm. Max speed 70mph, crousing speed 40-50mph. A copy of the service manual in english is available. Bike comes with its special flywhel removal tool.

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  • Engine Size:250cc


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